Bulk SMS Marketing Package

Bulk SMS Marketing Package | Get Your Message Across

SMS Marketing is a great cost effective platform in which you can reach thousands of visitors instantaneously. Sending bulk SMSES is one of the most popular forms of advertising, and has a high engagement rate, and one which wont break the bank.

Bulk SMS marketing is personal, which is a huge advantage. It goes straight to the recipients phone, and is often opened within seconds of being sent. SMSES can reach your client base no matter where they are, and they can be stored for use at a later stage. There is a much higher open rate with SMS marketing, compared to email marketing for example. This form of marketing can also be personalized, which increases the chances of someone interacting with the message sent.

Bulk SMS Marketing is environmental friendly, as a green way of promoting your services, products or just interacting with your client base. It is also very concise, as you have to get your message across in the least number of words as possible. This means your message is straight to the point and does not require a lot of text, which often discourages people from reading. Waxed Media can manage your Bulk SMS marketing activities at competitive rates, with measurable reporting set in place so you can track what exactly is going on with your SMS marketing campaign.


Multi-Part SMSES

Multi Part SMSES are ideal for sending longer messages. With single SMSES you are restricted to 160 characters, but with Multi Part SMSES you can group up to 3 messages (480 characters) and send it as one message.

Scheduled SMSES

Do you have a specific time and day you want to send out your SMSES on? No problem at all. We can cater for any schedules in which to send out your SMS messages.

SMS Marketing

Send personalised SMS messages to your users and get detailed reporting on each campaign.

SMS Reporting

The SMS reporting system allows you to view all the messages that were delivered successfully or unsuccessfully, and it tracks replies to the message as well as people who have opted out of the Bulk SMS listing.

SMS To Email

You can create a personalised Autoresponder email where you can send the link to your contacts via an SMS. They can then view the email directly from their smart phone. You can track the activity and get accurate reporting on the SMS as well.

Transactional SMSES

Transactional SMSES are once off messages that are sent to the receiver based on an action they perform. These kind of SMSES can be used to send One Time Pins, Online Details & Banking Notifications to name a few.

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