Pay Per Click Package (Google Adwords)

Pay Per Click Package | Google Adwords Guarantees Results, Be Number One Today

The Pay Per Click Package is a Google Adwords package that guarantees results. Google Adwords is one of the most well known forms of Pay per Click advertising. With Google Adwords we can guarantee you the first position in Google, with our years of expertise and experience. With the Pay Per Click Package you get the best, a well-constructed campaign with 100’s of targeted keywords and adverts. The beauty of Google Adwords is that you only pay once someone clicks on your advert. Your advert is the way you drive traffic to your website in order to get a phone call, capture an email address, get a lead or make a sale.

For example, if someone searches for black Adidas shoes, we create an advert that says black Adidas shoes, and when someone clicks the advert, they go to a page about black Adidas shoes. From there, the user can make a purchase, inquire via a contact form (Where you get their email address, a huge key to building a database for remarketing purposes), or get them to call you and make that sale.


Campaign Setup

We setup and upload the Google Adwords campaign after the research has been conducted. The campaign setup includes uploading all the keywords and adverts into your very own account in which we manage.

Included are:

  • Keyword Research
  • Advert Creation
  • Conversion Setup & Tracking
  • Analytics Integration

Choose When & Where You Run Your Campaign

We can run the campaign anywhere you want, whether it is 5 kilometers around your house or the whole Continent of Africa. Also if you have working hours, for example 8am to 5pm, we can run the campaign only during your working hours, making sure you get the most out of it.

Click Costs/Adwords Budget

Want to know exactly where your money is going? You pay your own click costs to Google through a reference number we generate. That way you can be sure you know your money is working for you!

Daily Management

Daily management is important for Google Adwords campaigns, and is needed in order to guarantee the success of the campaigns. Constant monitoring is required for the campaign to reach the heights of success it should be.

Included are:

  • Alpha/Beta Testing
  • Negative Keyword Implementation

Monthly/Weekly Reports

Depending on how you want to see the results of your campaign, we can send you either weekly or monthly reports to suit your needs. The report will be an overview of your best performing adverts and keywords, as well as a general report on how your budget has been spent during that period.

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